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Sankhya is the annual technical festival of Amrita School of Engineering,Coimbatore, India. The word ‘Sankhya’ means numbers and the festival accordingly consists of math and technology based competitions, lectures and workshops. The festival is held over a single day and during the first fortnight in October having started in its current avatar in the year 2008. It attracts participants from all over India, and seeks to provide collegiate students with a platform to showcase their scientific and engineering talents along with Mathematical Skills. Sankhya is entirely student managed.

Sankhya 08
Sankhya 08

[]Events at Sankhya: An Overview

[]Multimedia Events

This group of events involves engineering & multimedia tasks that require innovative yet outstanding solutions. Some of them are-

  • Electronic Arts: This is a freestyle multimedia event. Make a presentation of your choice. It may be humorous or serious. The video should be based on a particular event or theme or person. It should necessarily convey its idea clearly.
  • Hyperlinked: XML, PHP, JSP, ASP, OOXML These are the happening technologies in the world of web designing. If you think you have the talent to be a budding web designer then build a fully fledged website using any of these technologies. This is an event to help find the next internet superstar.
  • Synergy: Today’s booming corporate world demands split-second decisions and innovativeness. This managerial event checks the business acumen of the teams.

Programming Events

A number of Programming Contests feature prominently in Sankhya. They include:

  • Codezeta 2.0: An online programming team event anticipated to exert a pull on computer programming lovers to compete in a head-to-head competition.The contest will be supported by a one of a kind in-house on-line submission system that will allow all participants to view the results of the competition in real-time.
  • Masquerade: Masquerade is about code and logic obfuscation. Obfuscation in code involves making programs hard to interpret by using various methods and features of the programming language.The event consists of two parts - Forward Obfuscation and Reverse Obfuscation.
  • mathLAB: Computers have traditionally been associated with the solution of complex mathematical problems and has been a rapidly expanding field ever since. The process of preparing programs for mathematical concepts is especially attractive not only because it can be economically and scientifically rewarding but also it can be an aesthetic experience for all participants.

[]Technical Events

These are some of the very common Technical events conducted in a different manner in Sankhya. They include:

  • Innovent: Innovent set sights on providing a platform for student researchers to present and discuss recent breakthroughs in the area of mathematics. Students are invited to submit papers which should provide a clear and concise view of the motivation and an outline of the work.
  • Blueprint: Bored with regularity? Give shape to those stretches of imagination (and be duly recognized!).Or otherwise, are we in a position to provide cheap, future-ready homes that can accommodate ever-changing technology? Blueprint is an idea-hungry event.
  • Gizmo Gyaan: What is the name of the new search engine started by ex-Google employees? How fast is the Intel Atom processor for mobiles going to be? Have you heard of Atos Origins?A quiz to leave even the most knowledgeable of geeks puzzled!

[]Guest Lectures and Workshops

Amrita has consistently drawn the world’s foremost experts in their respective fields for making guest lectures, either in person or via video conference. These lectures and demonstrations introduce students to the cutting-edge research happening in various fields, and serve as educational forums that encourage interaction between collegiate students and the finest in academia and industry.Sankhya 08 includes guest lectures and workshops on Business Intelligence and Mathematical Algorithms.

[]Sankhya 2008: A Preview

Sankhya 08 is co organized by The Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with Anantam – the Mathematics Forum of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.The festival will witness a confluence of creative minds from far and wide. ‘Ignite the Future’ – our slogan is a call to the creative, daring and bright minds for whom we have an armada of events set to kindle a plethora of ideas. Guest lectures by eminent personalities will augment our efforts in this direction.

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